Webinar: How to report on Xero data in PowerBI in 20 minutes with Azure Data Factory

Xero reporting made simple

Your Xero accounting data is vital to profitable and accurate decision making in your organisation. Azure Data Factory can transform how rapidly businesses can move and report on data.  Using ADF, even large amounts of data can be processed and reported quickly and easily. 

Whether you’re growing your small business, or already an enterprise-level user, let us show you how to quickly and easily configure and produce a variety of reports.

During this webinar, the my[data]force industry experts will show you:

  • The capabilities of Azure Data Factory software and its advantages
  • Best practices when connecting to Xero from Azure Data Factory and populating the Azure SQL Database with financial data
  • Examples of data transformation using Azure Data Factory
  • Best practices for the construction and design of analytical reports in Microsoft Power BI

About The Webinar

While organisations of all sizes continue to generate vast amounts of data to power their business making decisions, without the tools and skills to unlock this data, additional costs, errors or incomplete information is a threat to its’ accurate use. Being able to harness and use the right processes and tools for data transformation, storage and analysis are vital.  

Inefficiencies that can be found in the existing stages of organisational data flow might incur disproportionally excessive costs when requiring system support and searching for those data errors.

Many of these challenges can be addressed by modernising data architecture and employing the right tools to prepare data for analytics. 

Meet your webinar host:

Aksana Tsikunova- Data Engineering Consultant. A skilled data analyst and BI developer with over six years of experience in business consulting, Aksana is passionate about delivering the highest quality data insights and building trust in data. 

 Join us to know how to create Xero data storage in the Azure SQL Database with the use of Azure Data Factory  and how to build analytical reports with Microsoft Power BI by clicking here.

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