SMB Data Warehouse

Self-service BI Capabilities for your regular or ad-hoc reporting and data analysis

Faster and Richer Insights with Empowered Business Units

With MyDataforce, business units no longer need to rely on the IT department to service their data preparation and report generation requests. By removing this bottleneck, business units can uncover insights faster.

Change the way your analysts relate to your data with an SMB Data Warehouse. Because information is readily available, your team is encouraged to explore their data, revealing meaningful patterns that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Better Allocation of IT Resources

Performing complex queries required for analytics can slow down a system designed for transactional data.

The run time of processes is a crucial consideration, especially for cloud-based systems.

With an SMB Data Warehouse, these functions are performed separately using the proper resources.

Partnering with MyDataforce, frees up your IT team to perform higher-impact tasks rather than servicing data preparation and report generation requests.

Data Integrity and Quality

Data integration can technically be performed manually, for example, through spreadsheets with a low volume of transactions, but is error-prone.

MyDataforce enhances your data accuracy through automated processes. SMB Data Warehouse standardises and consolidates information from different sources into a single repository with minimal or no human intervention.

Make confident decisions knowing that the data supporting them are consistently accurate.

Low Risk Project Delivery

MyDataforce projects are delivered with radical transparency. You will have visibility of the resources put into the project execution, actual versus the planned budget and can make adjustments as seen fit.

Start improving your data management procedures today with our guided 30-day free trial, with minimal financial commitment.

Solution Description

Analysis-ready data at your fingertips

Businesses that can respond to their markets with data-backed innovation perform better than their competition. Historically, only larger companies have had this ability.

In a Small or Medium Size Business, information is typically distributed in separate databases, applications, formats, or various places. Unconsolidated data makes it difficult for business process owners to develop their reports and analyses, causing them to rely on the IT department.

Research* has shown that companies that empower their business units with self-service business intelligence (BI) capabilities can gain insight faster and more efficiently.

The first step toward self-service BI capabilities is building an SMB Data Warehouse. By providing the business units with access to consolidated data, analysts are free to create reports, forecasts, predictive models, mine data, and build Informative dashboards. These, in turn, become the basis of strategic recommendations. Management will no longer have to make critical business decisions based on limited data and hunches.

In a world where rapid innovation provides a significant competitive advantage, self-service BI may be vital to take your SMB to the next level.

*IDG Digital Business Research 2019

For Whom

Who needs SMB Data Warehouse:

Executives who want to get a bird’s eye view of the entire business

Business Process Owners who need accurate and precise forecasts to guide their department’s decisions (e.g. accounting, sales/marketing, operations)

IT Directors responsible for the efficiency of the data systems

Data Analysts interested in speeding up the reporting process even with inconsistent data from multiple systems


Cloud Based Data Management

With Cloud-Based and Hybrid options, Small and Medium Businesses can replicate the benefits of having a Data Warehouse at a fraction of the cost.

Capital Expenditure and License fees are reduced with our operating model.

Granular Data Storage

The SMB Data Warehouse architecture is expertly designed to accommodate the different data analytics needs of the various business units in your organisation.

With high granularity and role-based access, data access is safeguarded. Only the authorised personnel may be able to view the data.

Direct User Access

Business units can access the data required for their analyses and reporting with no or little intervention from the IT Department.

With the reduced coordination and approvals between business units or departments, your organisation can leverage the speed to insight and stay ahead of your competition.

Centralised Data

Speed is an important factor that sets you above your competitors. Business users can quickly access data from multiple sources from a data warehouse, meaning that precious time won’t be wasted on retrieving data from multiple sources. This allows you to make quick and accurate decisions, with little or no support from your IT department.

Real-Time Scalability

At a click of a button, your organisation can gain access to additional technology, tools, and resources appropriate to your requirements at a given time. Conversely, reducing access is just as simple.

Mitigate the risks associated with investing in an IT solution with our service-based approach.

Let’s Get the Conversation Going

At MyDataforce, we believe that Data Analytics is for everyone. Turning data into insight and insight into action is often not as straight-forward, especially for SMBs. Leave your details below so we can help find the best solution for your organisation. We’ll call you.