Results as a Service

Outsourced management reporting and analysis, so you can focus on strategy and decision-making

Resources Freed Up for Core Business Functions

Organisations can avoid investments in development and administration of a data management system by outsourcing these functions.

By off-loading data collection, processing, analysis, and reporting responsibilities, companies can focus on their core business and formulate strategies to act on insights from their data.

Bring Data Expertise to Your Team

Results as a Service allows your company to perform in-depth analysis without employing your own analysts. An organisation can avoid the costs related to on-boarding and training of in-house staff by outsourcing these functions to experts.

Further, by outsourcing, your business is propelled by the synergy of an entire team, instead of the expertise of an individual.

Reduced Operational Silos with Single Version of Truth

When operational silos flourish, a company does not work with the synergy of a collaborative organisation.Unchecked, behaviour that is only beneficial within a team may be detrimental to the company as a whole. Results as a Service helps SMBs avoid this by presenting a single version of truth through reports. When facts are shared, departments work together as a cohesive team and bring more value to the company’s clients and stakeholders.

Business Continuity

Retain knowledge in your organisation by documenting your insight and that of your subject matter experts in the form of reports.

Empower your team with the capability to discover insights faster and consistently without depending on a limited pool of analysts.

Solution Description

Tap into important data, knowing it's accurate

For SMBs new to data analytics, Results as a Service is often the best first step on your data analytics journey. Experience the power of data-backed insight without the heavy investments often associated with data analytics projects.

Allow MyDataforce to collect, process and analyse your data. Free up your time and resources by leaving the nitty-gritty to us. Receive regular reports and request for ad-hoc ones compiled from standardised data from all your data sources.

Be at ease knowing that your reports and analyses are accurate and created in a timely manner, allowing you to uncover insights and go to market faster.

For Whom

Who needs Results as a Service:

Businesses new to data analytics who may want to experience the benefits without fully investing in infrastructure or workforce

Executives who wish to gain instant visibility into key organisational metrics

Business users who would like to delegate the reporting, dashboarding, and analyses functions to be able to perform other tasks

Businesses with IT Specialists that may have different priorities as of the moment


Regular Standard Reports for your Industry

What isn’t measured is not managed.

For those that are new to the world of analytics and don’t know what indicators to track, MyDataforce offers standard reports using your data.

Such reports are used by other SMBs in your industry to benchmark their performance.

Abilitiy to Request for Ad-Hoc Reports

More advanced users may have specific questions needing answers.

Chances are the data required for these targeted queries is already stored in the data warehouse created for the regular standard reports. With MyDataforce, you can leverage the information through ad-hoc reports.

Consolidated Metrics

MyDataforce provides key performance indicators in a single location, giving you an overview of the health of your business in one glance.

Avoid wasting time searching for the information you need; we’ll take care of the dashboard, so you can focus on what only you can do.

Low Commitment

Unsure if a report fits your requirements? Try one out using your information instead of sample data and decide for yourself. MyDataforce offers Results as a Service so that you don’t need to make up-front investments.

Further, requirements are always evolving in an SMB. A report that proves to be useful in one quarter may be irrelevant in the next. With Results as a Service, reports are tailored to your needs at the pace that your organisation moves. Pay only for what you need when you need it.

Check And Balance

SMBs usually have very lean teams. Reports generated to make crucial business decisions are often unverified by a different individual. Organisations can miss even glaring errors due to the lack of resources for a check and balance process. While reports are thoroughly tested before deployment, your organisation effectively creates a Maker/Checker hierarchy with Results as a Service, always having more than one set of eyes on the report to minimise mistakes.

Let’s Get the Conversation Going

At MyDataforce, we believe that Data Analytics is for everyone. Turning data into insight and insight into action is often not as straight-forward, especially for SMBs. Leave your details below so we can help find the best solution for your organisation. We’ll call you.