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Data Analytics and Data Management

SMB Data Warehouse

Reduce the time needed to uncover insight by empowering your employees with self-service BusIness Intelligence capabilities. Give your business units access to consolidated data to allow them to create their own regular or ad-hoc reports and data analysis projects.

With cloud and hybrid options available, take advantage of capabilities that were only available to larger businesses until now.

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Dashboarding and Reporting

Monitor your business performance and focus on decision-making while we deliver reports, dashboards, and analytics tools to extract insights from your datasets.

Harness the power of your data while avoiding the challenges of embarking on an in-house data analytics project.

Outsource your management reporting and analysis, so you can focus on strategy and decision-making.

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Azure Data Services

Microsft Azure allows your organisation to manage its data on the cloud. It offers various products and services to gather, store, process, analyse, and visualise data of any variety, volume, or velocity. With the range of offerings, selecting the combination that fits your organisation’s needs can be quite challenging.

As a certified Microsoft Azure partner, MyDataforce ensures that your SMB is matched with the most appropriate Azure Data Services for your analytics use case.

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AWS Data Services

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global cloud-based products, including those that allow you to manage your data off-premises.

AWS Data Services can manage different workload requirements of data processing, warehousing, storage, archive, and many others.

For these reasons, AWS is trusted by established enterprises and start-ups alike for warehousing, storage, archive, and many others.

As a certified AWS Partner, MyDataforce offers consultancy to maximise your usage of AWS Data Services.

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Data Analytics Team as a Service

Bypass the complexities of maintaining a data analytics team in-house while still retaining the capability to unearth insight lying beneath the surface of your data.

Allow the MyDataforce data analytics experts to create sophisticated models for you.

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Matillion Consulting

Using Matillion’s data transformation tool that has been optimised for cloud based data management solutions, MyDataforce offers consultancy assisting SMBs in moving from on-premise data warehouses to cloud-based ones.

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Azure Cloud

Regardless of the size of development and testing deployments, the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform supports the building, testing, deploying and managing of applications and services through data centers managed by Microsoft.

The flexibility offered in this platform comes from the wide offering of over 600 products and services to choose from.

MyDataforce helps you choose, implement, and manage the right Azure subscriptions for your applications, from security and identity management to automation and optimisation. Leverage your organisation’s familiarity with Microsoft solutions as you move to the cloud.

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AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud service platform from Amazon, which provides services in different domains including compute, delivery, storage, and other functionalities which help the business to scale and grow.

AWS allows organisations of every type, size, and industry to use the cloud for a wide variety of use cases, such as data backup, disaster recovery, email, virtual desktops, software development and testing, big data analytics, and customer-facing web applications.

For organisations that wish to scale their IT capabilities by moving to the cloud, MyDataforce helps you choose, implement, and manage your AWS service subscriptions best fit for your data strategy.

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Data Analytics and Data Management

Azure Data Services

Your analytics is only as good as the foundation that you build for it. For this reason, accurate and efficient aggregation of your data is paramount to the success of your data analytics and data management initiative.

Microsoft Azure offers a complete suite of tools and services that allow you to migrate your data from different sources into the appropriate data structures required for your intended method of analysis. Line-of-Business Sources (LOBs), Cloud Sources, Logs and Streams, Different Media, and Unstructured Files can all be migrated into Azure.

MyDataforce guides your choice of these tools and services that are apt to your organisation.

For example, if your team has extensive statistics and programming experience, they may be more comfortable with Azure Databricks versus Azure Data Factory. Or if your team is well versed in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Data Factory may be more suitable than Azure Synapse Analytics.

Depending on your selection of services and the proper implementation of these, you can optimise costs, such as tiered storage and policy management.

On the data security front, with Azure Active Directory, you can authenticate data and provide role-based access control. As an added layer of protection, data can also be encrypted.

Choices like these influence the efficacy and efficiency of your move to the cloud. MyDataforce provides consultancy on strategies involving selecting the necessary Data Services for your analytics use case.

AWS Data Services

Scale your data warehousing capabilities without the need to invest in infrastructure through cloud-based products and services.
With the wide range of products offered by AWS in the following domains: analytics, data movement, data lake, and predictive analytics and machine learning, choosing the set to accomplish your business’ data management objectives can be an arduous task. With the MyDataforce team by your side, however, this task is a little less intimidating.

MyDataforce can help you store your data, migrate from your data sources, design your dashboards and visualisations, integrate third-party data, configure backups, and so much more.

MyDataforce makes AWS Data Services work for you and your organisation. Engage us as the data management experts, so you don’t have to be. Experience new freedom to focus on the things you do best.

Data Analytics Team as a Service

A data analytics initiative is not for a lone ranger. You’ll need a multi-disciplinary team to help you make sense of your data. Your team members should have expertise in the following domains: programming, mathematics and statistics, business analysis, data architecture, data interpretation and visualisation, and behavioural analysis. These skills allow you to better understand your business and gear your organisation to responding to whatever insights gleaned from your data.

For some SMBs creating a team of specialists may not be viable because of limited resources and seasonal data analysis requirements. For other others, finding that right mix of people is still on the horizon. Some begin their search for candidates by recruiting directly from campuses through an internship program, some resort to training internally and developing their team from their existing staff.

In any case, MyDataforce offers a solution that allows you to bypass the complexities of maintaining an in-house data analytics team but still gives you the capability to uncover insight lying within your data: Data Analytics as a Service.

Instead of hiring individuals, you hire an entire team of seasoned data analysts covering all the skillsets you need. By subscribing to this service, you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Even if your company fully intends to develop an in-house team, you can scale faster by subscribing to this service rather than embarking on a data analytics journey on your own.

Have access to consultants who can counsel you when you aren’t sure of the best strategy to extract richer insights from your data. Work with a team to help you get unstuck when you hit a roadblock due to technical difficulties. We’re here to support you the entire way.

Matillion Consulting

Moving your data from its multiples source to a single destination is a significant part of building a data warehouse, regardless of whether it is on-premise or in the cloud. As such, choosing an appropriate ETL tool is vital. For organisations who wish to migrate to the cloud, Matillion is a great option, as it has been optimised for migrating data to the cloud. Creating a data warehouse involves several steps:

  • Defining Business Objectives
  • Analysing Data Sources & Designing Conceptual Data Model
  • Preparing Development, Testing, and Production Environments
  • Creating Front End of your Data Warehouse.
  • Choosing Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Tool

MyDataforce offers consulting, including selecting the subscriptions best suited to your business, creating and automating Matillion jobs, and much more. Our consultation services are ideal for organisations that are new to Matillion and even for those who’ve had experience with the tool but would like to increase the efficiency of the Matillion jobs.

Time always has an impact on your bottom line. Maximise this precious resource with seasoned professionals guiding you with your ETL endeavour


Azure Cloud

Companies looking to increase cost efficiency, enhance collaboration, improve mobility and data recovery for their IT systems often find their solutions in cloud computing.

Microsoft offers Azure Cloud, which is a highly configurable cloud platform. This platform allows you to delegate specific IT responsibilities to Microsoft to the extent your organisation is ready for, all in a service subscription format. Regardless of the size of the development and testing deployments, Azure supports the building, testing, deploying and managing of applications and services through data centres managed by Microsoft. With over 600 services in 21 categories to choose from, determining the combination that is best suited to your SMB’s needs at a given point in time can be very overwhelming.
We also help our clients create a roadmap for cloud-based data management, allowing you to adopt cloud computing at a pace that you are comfortable with.

As a Microsoft Partner holding silver tier competencies for data analytics and data platform, MyDataforce helps you select the services that will maximise value for your organisation’s analytics use case.
MyDataforce is also a certified Microsoft Reseller by purchasing from us, you can enjoy great deals on subscriptions and licenses.

Aside from the selection of appropriate subscriptions, MyDataforce can also assist your organisation in implementing the selected services. Instead of learning things on your own, MyDataforce can work alongside your in house team to help navigate the nuanced interactions of the different services. Think of MyDataforce as your mentor as you embark on your cloud computing journey or your lifeline if you’ve already begun and things aren’t going as planned.

Another option is to outsource the implementation of Azure services to MyDataforce altogether.

Regardless of your organisation’s scale or complexity and its data management requirements, MyDataforce is here to help you revolutionise your data management initiatives by moving to the Azure Cloud.

AWS Cloud

With 32% of the cloud-computing market share (as of October 2020), AWS is the clear market leader. AWS offers more than 175 products and services, including computing, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, mobile, developer, and IoT tools.

AWS supports three different types of models for cloud computing: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) allowing your organisation to relinquish control of IT responsibilities at a comfortable level.

For IaaS, Amazon maintains computers (virtual or dedicated hardware) and data storage. With PaaS, your IT Department has to worry even less by delegating the operating system’s maintenance. Responsibilities such as resource procurement, capacity planning, software maintenance, and patching are taken care of Amazon, freeing you and your SMB to focus on deploying and managing applications for your data analytics use case. The SaaS model is the most hands-off. With a SaaS model, you do not have to think about how the service is maintained or how the underlying infrastructure is managed; you only need to think about how you will use that particular piece of software.

Determining the right combination of the AWS services to achieve your desired level of autonomy is something that takes years of practice. MyDataforce offers consultancy to assist SMBs who wish to migrate to the cloud and have selected AWS as their cloud provider.

As an AWS Consulting Partner, MyDataforce can implement the services you’ve selected. We have successfully migrated numerous analytics projects to AWS and can help you navigate the nuanced interactions between your existing systems and your chosen AWS services. Whether your organisation is migrating to the cloud completely or creating a hybrid setup, make confident data management decisions with MyDataforce by your side.



MyDataforce offers Power BI to leverage the familiarity of most users with the Microsoft Office Suite. It is highly intuitive and integrated with the tools that most users are already using.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Free to join, pay only for what you use. As the market leader in cloud computing, enjoy more than 175 of their best in class product and services.


Matillion ETL is an ETL/ELT tool built specifically for cloud database platforms such as Amazon Redshift and Azure Synapse. It is a modern, browser-based UI. It’s great for collaboration with version control and full-featured graphical job development. Most importantly, it’s fast with the ability to process millions of rows in seconds, with real-time feedback.


With its distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine, Elastisearch provides results at lighting speed. It is a highly accessible, open-source and full stack solution. MyDataforce offers this to its clients that are looking to change the way its users relate to their data.


SAS Institute is considered one of the pioneers in data analytics. With over 40 years experience, it has developed an extensive range of solutions cutting across different domains. MyDataforce is a proud partner of SAS Institute because of its powerful analytics platform and shared passion for bringing analytics to every business.


TIBCO fuels digital business by enabling smarter and faster decision-making through TIBCO-connected Intelligence Cloud. From APIs and systems to devices and people. MyDataforce and TIBCO work hand-in-hand to enable digital businesses all over the world to make better decisions faster every time.

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